Body Electric offers a series of workshops to encourage you to develop a greater level of self awareness, freedom and connection with yourself and others.


Exploring Eros

Explore the power of Eros in this one day workshop. It’s so much more than sexual energy.
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Celebrating Mature Eros

In this advanced workshop you will embark on a new path dedicated to exploring the personal impact of ageing. It explores our erotic potential at ...
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Power, Surrender and Intimacy

This intensive workshop takes you on a journey exploring the dynamics of power and surrender in relationships. A safe space is created for the courageous ...
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Dear Love of Comrades

This workshop expands on Celebrate the Body Electric. You will deepen your connection with yourself and others while you continue your journey of discovery and ...
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Celebrate the Body Electric

Our introductory workshop. The aim of this workshop is for men to experience the integration of all aspects of who we are through listening to ...
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Enter Stillness

This silent workshop focuses on the development of a balanced personal life in all its dimensions; physical, mental, emotional, erotic and spiritual.
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Sensual Hawaiian Massage

Experience the fun of learning how to give, and receive, a full body Sensual Hawaiian Massage.
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