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Michael Millsteed
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Michael Mullins
Jim Colless


Eric Hudson

Eric’s journey with Body Electric has been life changing.

He is passionate about the possibilities that Body Electric workshops open for men as they seek joy, pleasure, and fulfilment in their lives.
Eric likes to be known as River. He thinks of this as his soul or spirit name. This says so much about him and his life journey. Much like a river twists and turns on its path to the sea, he has experienced many challenges and changes.

Opening to the truth about himself as a gay man later in his life, Body Electric has been a significant part of his process, supporting him to explore freedom and to move to greater acceptance of himself and his erotic body. With a. professional life as a relationship counsellor, he brings sensitivity and wisdom to his role as a Body Electric facilitator.

He knows of no other place as powerful and effective where men can safely explore their full potential.

Greg McGuirk

Greg has been committed to expanding the erotic, emotional and spiritual lives of men through the work of Body Electric for more than a decade.

He draws on many strands of his life experience across bodywork and yoga, BDSM, dance and psychology. He sees the work of BE as a mindfulness practice that can engage the whole body through erotic touch. He is inspired by the experience of BE workshop participants, witnessing the transformative power of erotic trance states, embodied insight, and deep bonds between men.

Greg acknowledges the wisdom of the long line of Body Electric mentors who have established this work, and have continually reinvigorated it to kept it current and alive.

Peter Hoare

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