Electrify Your Spirit 2024

  • 01-08-2024 - 11-08-2024
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Join your Body Electric Brothers for this 10-day Journey to reignite your true self.

Join Us for Electrify Your Spirit 2024 | 01 – 11 August 2024  Kuta, Bali

What to expect:
  • A structured, 3-stage journey to deepen your spiritual self.
What not to expect:
  • A guided holiday or guided tours.
  • A preconceived idea of a BE workshop. 
  • To be served or waited on 24/7. 
  • To be hand-held.
  • To not participate.

How Electrify Your Spirit Evolved?

This experience was designed by a BE brother who lived in Bali for some time and experienced all the spiritual activities that you will experience.   Supported by a 4-day private workshop in a remote part of the island of Bali, you will be welcomed into a new way of accessing your energy centre to guide you to live life as your ultimate self. 

Using concepts from Body Electric’s CBE as a foundation, this experience will Electrify your inner self, your inner fire, your spirit.  Combined with some spiritual practices and a whole lot of wisdom, the journey will assist you to identify what is serving you well and what is not, so that you can operate at your full potential. 

The Journey will take you through three unique stages over the 10 days:

Stage 1 – Leaving your story behind.

This stage is designed for you to step out of the everyday routine, the story that holds us in place so we can relax and begin to reconnect with our selves. We will enjoy a casual transition from everyday life to community living through structured and non-structured time in KUTA, setting the energy to move into our retreat workshop.   During Stage 1, there will be one activity per day as part of letting go of our current reality and lives at home. 

Stage 2 – Connecting with self.

Our private secluded 4-day retreat occupies Stage 2 entirely.  Located on the northern coast of Bali in a private retreat location, near Bondalem, you will be invited to step into self through structured activities with free time each day to integrate and / or reflect.  Utilising techniques and knowledge gained through Celebrating the Body Electric (CBE), you will be able to take the next step on your BE journey to support the further connectivity of your energy to you. 

Stage 3 – Aligning worlds.

This unique transition allows the connectivity of your energy developed in Stage 2, to your spiritual self.   Held in the spiritual centre of Bali, Ubud, you will undertake activities that will support you to re-enter your world with a new perspective and new energy. 


Electrifying Your Spirit is open to any man that has graduated from a Celebrating the Body Electric / Erotic Course conducted by Body Electric Australia or the Body Electric School (USA).  

Pease note: Participants must be aware of and willing to engage in the intent of the journey as outlined in this Program Overview. It is also essential that participants are able to travel independently to and from Bali and be able to manage their own sense of well-being in a diverse and perhaps unfamiliar culture. The facilitators will hold the responsibility for determining participants’ suitability for this program.


The below quotes are taken directly from previous participants:

“Lots of significant experiences for me: it was a real journey of getting to know each other and building trust.  It was a really well thought out process, superbly facilitated and in idyllic circumstances.”

“Several things over the 4 days of the workshop increased my self-awareness and helped to support an ongoing process of change in me.”

“For me, the themes came together in an integrated process for moving forward powerfully.  It was also wonderful to symbolically ’leave the old behind’ and embrace the new.”

“I came to the retreat with a sense that grounding was what I was looking for, and I did achieve that without doubt.”

We look forward to seeing you in Bali…

Please read our FAQs, any questions use the button below.

Important Information (FAQs)

As we need to support our venues in preparing for our arrival and to make it easier for participants, payment for the remaining amount is broken into two further instalments, to be paid by 10th February, 2024 and 1st June, 2024.

Standard: AUD825  by 10 Feb 2024 and the final balance of AUD825 by 1 June 2024

Deluxe: AUD925 by 10 Feb 2024 and the final balance of AUD925  by 1 June 2024

Premium:  AUD1025 by 10 Feb 2024 and the final balance of AUD1025 by 1 June 2024

Full payment must be received no later than 1st June, 2024. You will be notified by Body Electric on how to pay balance payments.

Late registrations will be accepted until a final closing date of 30 th June, 2024.

The program is open to a maximum of 22 C.B.E. graduates.  This limit is due to the accommodation capacity at the retreat / workshop venue.  

Variations in the three packages arise because of the variations in the accommodation on offer. Hopefully this will allow greater choice and flexibility for participants.

All accommodation is priced on a twin share basis; this could be in double/queen/king beds for couples or mates, or in twin share single beds.

We have secured accommodation for the workshop part of the journey, at a male only, clothing
optional venue, with exclusive use by Body Electric.

There are 3 Accomodation Packages available:

Standard AUD2,150: This price conscious option includes the full range of experiences available during the 10-day journey. The first three days accommodation will be in Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort in Legian, in a standard room. At Bali au Naturel accommodation will be in twin-share en-suite bungalows containing ceiling fans only.

Deluxe AUD2,350: The first three days accommodation will be in Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort in Legian, in a deluxe room.  At Bali au Naturel, accommodation is in twin-share en-suite bungalows (options for king bed or twin singles.) All 6 bungalows contain ceiling fans only.

Premium: AUD2,550 The first three days
accommodation will be in Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort in Legian, in a deluxe room. At Bali au Naturel, you will be staying in poolside villas 3 with king beds, 3 with twin beds, air-conditioned, with traditional Balinese outdoor bathrooms/showers.

To maximise accommodation at the retreat, assignment of accommodation is restricted to twin share (budget, deluxe and premium) in the configuration of two participants, either, each in a king single bed or one couple in a king bed or two “mates” sharing a king bed.

Accommodation selection will be secured based on payment of deposit.

If there are places available, registrations can be accepted until 30th June, 2024, with
full payment required by this date.

All payments can be securely made through Paypal.

Places and accommodation style are secured by a first-in, first served basis.

To secure your place on Electrify Your Spirit a deposit of AUD500 is required for all packages by 1st February, 2024.

All payments can be securely made through Paypal.

Places and accommodation style are secured by a first-in, first served basis.

Should you cancel your booking prior to 10th February, 2024 all payments ,less a $200 administration fee, will be refunded.

Cancellation of your booking after 10th February, 2024 and prior to 21st June, 2024, will incur a 50% of the package price cancellation fee.

Cancellation of your booking after 21st June 2024, will incur a 100% of the package price cancellation fee.

Make A Balance Payment

You can make a balance payment by clicking the button below. 

  • Registration Deadline : 30-06-2024 12:00 am

Purchase Ticket

Standard Package $500 Deposit (Total: AUD2,150) (All tickets have been sold out)
Deluxe Package Sold Out (All tickets have been sold out)
Premium Package Sold Out (All tickets have been sold out)

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