Chester Mainard Memorial Scholarship Fund

This Chester Mainard Memorial Scholarship Fund assists participation in workshops for those who may not otherwise be able to attend.

Chester Mainard is one of the original teachers of Body Electric in the United States and died on 13 March 2007. He was truly an amazing teacher and mentor to many men and women.

Chester offered each of us so much, giving deep and loving permission to all those parts of us that were ready to emerge. The thing I heard … in all my conversations about Chester, is this: ‘He changed my life.'

With this profound recognition, we each must make a daily choice to continue breathing fully, touching with presence and grace, and relate from the truest part of ourselves.

This is my daily practice – continuing to learn from Chester as I deepen my embodiment and awaken the wisdom of my body. For this was Chester’s central invitation: a relaxed, awake awareness of the vastness within. - Chyrs

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If you would like to apply as a recipient for the Chester Mainard Memorial Scholarship Fund and have the ability to experience Celebrating the Body Electric please contact us with your request.
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