Body Electric

Body Electric Australia (BE) is a non profit incorporated association, managed by an elected committee made up of men from various parts of Australia. We offer workshops devised and conducted by qualified and experienced facilitators. Our ambition is to bring the work of BE to every Australian State and Territory.

Our History

BE was founded in San Francisco, California during the AIDS crisis of the 1980’s. Initially the object of the organisation was to assist and provide physical comfort, in the form of massages to men suffering from the disease. With the medical advances made in the treatment of AIDS the focus of BE shifted to attending to the mental and emotional wellbeing of all men. 

Workshops incorporating the ancient beliefs of Taoism and Tantra and modern findings on sexology and psychology were devised and expanded over the years.
BE was first brought to Australia in the early part of this century. After an informal start BE Australia became an officially incorporated association in 2012.


Our vision is that all men can benefit physically and mentally from our workshops.


Our mission is to bring our workshops to all parts of Australia. To improve the lives of the men who attend them.


We honour the ancient practices of Taoism and Tantra and seek to share what we have learned from them in a professional and respectful way.

Our Guiding Principles

No one should be forced to do things that they find confronting. Consent is an essential element of BE workshops. To gain maximum benefit it is important that participants feel comfortable at all times.
Participants should know that confidentiality is a cornerstone of our workshops. We encourage all men attending to respect the other men attending in an nonjudgmental and supportive way. 

It is possible that a group of men, no matter what their ages and background can form lasting friendships and camaraderie through the shared experience with BE. Feelings of isolation dissolve in the atmosphere of shared stories. No one should feel that they are alone. We hold space where men can feel protected, accepted and free to be themselves.

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