Sensual Hawaiian Massage

Aloha, Experience the fun of learning how to give and receive a full body Sensual Hawaiian Massage at this 2-day non-residential workshop.

Any man, not only Body Electric graduates, is welcome to attend this clothing-off event. Many men have done this workshop several times. So bring friends, your partner or other men who have an interest in learning a new massage technique.

During the 2 days you will:

  • Learn how to give a basic level full body Sensual Hawaiian massage
  • Understand the importance of intention and mindfulness with massage
  • Gain greater confidence in giving massage to others
  • Discover new ways to spice up encounters with partners
  • Learn new techniques and a different style of massage to add to your existing work
  • Have opportunities to receive massage.

The workshop is hands-on. You will be provided easy to understand instructions during the demonstrations which cover hand, head, face, back, stomach and butt massage techniques. We then bring it all together for a guided front and back body massage.

The workshop does not focus on genital massage. Throughout the two days you are randomly partnered with different men. Also please note you will NOT receive a massage qualification during this workshop.

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