Enter Stillness

  • 01-08-2022 - 03-08-2022

Enter Stillness is a new offering at Body Electric which contributes to the development of a balanced personal life, in all of its dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, erotic and spiritual.

Both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation are welcome to dive into the beauty of meditation and Hatha Yoga. This retreat is open to all men and it is not necessary to have done any previous Body Electric workshops.

This retreat focuses on the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart, our real and essential nature, our Divine Self. Buddhism refers to this as “our innermost essence – our original deathless nature — is sky like: open, free, boundless and all-embracing.”

To support the retreat, complete mauna (silence) must be maintained by all attendees. The period of Mauna will begin on the evening of the first day after dinner and end after the last meditation on the final day of the retreat.

Much energy and ego goes into our speech. We say things that don’t need to be said. This not only makes the world noisy, but makes our own mind noisy too.

There will be opportunities for and instruction on both sitting and walking meditations. On Friday and Saturday there will be a session practicing meditative touch, using awareness, silence and intentional focus. This helps forms a bridge between our sitting practice and daily life, aiding an integration of meditation into our life.

  • Time : 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Australia/Sydney)
  • Registration Deadline : 30-07-2022 12:00 am

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